Milestone: Knowledge Management

7 years late (Sep 30, 2012, 12:00:00 AM)

Following our discussion earlier in the week, I've talked to Ian about the first of the reports that we'd like to drive from the change in status to 'approved', as part of the duties allocation process. Would it be possible to have the first three ready for testing as duties start to be allocated?

Be able to generate standard letters from the database. Ideally we’d like to be able to generate these letters from one of the student forms (applicant, on-course, or financial), being able to select which letter from a drop down list (no need to use genrep). We would also like to be able to edit the standard letter once generated, giving us the flexibility to adapt the standard letter to that particular student request. We imagine that the following letters would be generated in this way; programme award letters, confirmation of attendance, PAVD invitations (UG and PGT), confirmation of marks to date (i.e. the interim transcript). SICSA would benefit from standard letters for things like studentship offer conditions and development portfolios.

This requirement is met by the new reporting framework (as part of the new UI). The UI will support action buttons/links on any custom form which trigger the generation of specific reports. It will also be able to pass data from the particular record selected (or all records selected) as arguments to the report (facilitating generating a letter for the one student shown rather than all students for example) as well as additional fixed arguments configured along with the custom form. The new reporting framework provides all the additional functionality (such as preview). Letters will be generated into an intermediate format which can be easily edited by the end-user (some kind of simple mark up language) which is then converted to LaTeX and PDF with standard letter styles (with local header, footer etc inserts defined as part of the intermediate format) for previewing and/or printing. The same would apply to generated email messages. Post-editing on letters/reports not specifically generated into an intermediate format would have to be done on the raw LaTeX, however since this is likely to largely be changes to blocks of text it shouldn't be overly complicated.

The new reporting framework under the UI was dropped.

Hold information on student achievements and personal development type information. For example, we currently have a number of tutor and demonstrator workshops that PhD students attend, run in collaboration with the TLA. Provide a desktop which lists and allows updates of which courses the individual had attended, including the date of the course. We also run a number of Transkills courses, SICSA are sponsoring similar events, whilst it would be good to record Student Rep, Compsoc, Hoppers, EUSA etc duties on the UG record, as well as BoE prizes. Sunstart and other student placements (taught or employment) should also be included on this form. We’d then also like to be able to run a report that contained this information, by way of creating a portfolio for the departing student, or giving supporting information for those who later ask for a reference. Also good for SICSA.

This is already held specifically for BoE prizes in the DDL as Student-Prize. So this is an extension to the DDL to generalize beyond prize and include an asscoiated date, with suitable desktop and/or panel created for maintenance and portal report for generating the portfolio web pages. Some of these are student duties which should be associated differently in the DDL, the current Student-Duty is a duty associated with the student for a member of staff, so the duties here (Student Rep, Compsoc, Hoppers, EUSA) should be held in the Duties DDL (duties are associated with a person not a student), but can be tied at report generation (and potentially as an additional table on the panel) to form the portfolio.

We’d like to be able to save any reports, letters, forms etc generated for an individual student within the system. This would enable us to confirm that a letter on a certain topic was sent to a student on a specific date, or that a certain HR was generated and signed etc. This archive would also help us return to the saved form at a later date to resend it, edit it etc. As part of this archive we’d like to be able to scan and hold external forms electronically, by being able to save a scanned document against the individual candidate. We'd use this for SICSA as well if it existed.

This requires modifications to the DDL to hold such documents against the student record as BLOBS, changes to the UI to support download and upload of documents and custom forms to view/modify. Subsequent editing of generated letters/forms requires saving the generated output as well as the preview/print output to allow it to be altered, this is part of the new report generation framework.

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