Bitten Configuration

Playing about with Bitten for CI and derived builds.

I have no idea what I am doing!

To explain to myself: a 'configuration' runs the defined command every time its attached path is changed in the repository.

Bitten packages 0.6-2 and above include my patch to allow cookie-based authentication. You can run a slave with the following:

  • Install bitten-0.6-2.inf/noarch -- actually easier just to #include <dice/options/trac.h> on develop)
  • Set a cookiefile location:
    • export COSIGN_COOKIEFILE=~/.cosign_cookies
  • Get Cosign cookies:
    • $ authGET
  • Start the builder:
    • $ bitten-slave -vo $COSIGN_COOKIEFILE

Haven't thought deeply about recurring auth issues yet. I expect we'd need to set up a crontab to retrieve cookies which followed the schedule of k5start or something along those lines.

I have an always-succeeding build job at admin/bitten/configs/test (status at build/test) which should help demonstrate things.

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