Configuring pgluser

This page covers the process of writing pgluser rules to automate some sort of automated membership in postgresql.

Outline -- pending content!


  • User Management
  • Additional Privileges

Quirks & Limitations

  • Creating Databases and transactions
  • using LCFG templates for classes of permission.

Alternative Uses

  • replication...
  • RT srvice...
  • automated bug fixes...

In the wild…

You can see examples of pgluser configuration in the following headers:

LCFG:core/include/dice/options/infdb-server.h (the Theon pgluser config)

LCFG:core/include/dice/options/postgresql-RAT-server.h and... LCFG:live/include/live/postgresql-teaching-server.h (managing a postgresql server)

LCFG:core/include/dice/options/theon-basecamp.h (this Trac) LCFG:core/include/dice/options/rt-postgresql.h (partially managing RT)

LCFG:core/include/dice/options/postgresql-replication-master.h (managing replication permissions)

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