Using eventd

Note that eventd is now deployed onto the Informatics PostgreSQL Database Server (via the LCFG header dice/options/infdb-eventd.h). The following is for reference.

The eventd interface is a port of the unit assessment event queue processing daemon to PostgreSQL. From the user perspective it operates in the same way. It is built, installed and run as outlined here. It is held in the Theon subversion repository here: source:legacy/eventd. To build and install from this directory:

  • ./makerpm - this will build an rpm from the HEAD in your normal RPMROOT
  • nsu; rpm -i eventd-1.01-1.*.rpm

Now you should be able to run:

  • /usr/sbin/eventd

and check the logfile (/var/log/eventd.log) to see it working. It should start, connect, register events and then flush the event queue. There should be no errors seen in the log.

By default it is built to talk to the infdb database in PostgreSQL on the localhost (must be v8.4 or greater). To use the daemon to talk to a database other than on localhost then that database needs to first be set up with suitable connection parameters. To change the server just provide different connection information on startup, for example:

  • /usr/sbin/eventd " dbname=infdb"

The lcfg-eventd package we ship onto the Informatics PostgreSQL Database Server starts and stops the eventd daemon under LCFG control.

To test you need to trigger functions that push data onto the unit event queue and by watching the logfile see that event data being processed.

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